October 2021

Jan Bočan & Michael Anastassiades Exhibition

To help remain of sound mind during the challenging year of 2021, Sigmar made the conscious decision, early on in lockdown, to spend time focusing on the things they love. This, of course, included their passion for exceptional design objects –those made with immense skill and intention from conception to completion, and whose effortlessly stylish appearance often belies a complex backstory.
By creating a conversation between Michael Anastassiades’s elegant aesthetic and Jan Bočan’s historically and stylistically important works, Sigmar's exhibition presents the essence of what an exceptional objects is to them.
February 2021


February 2021, with the shop still not allowed to welcome customers, the Sigmar team were really starting to miss the impromptu drop-ins of clients and the often bonkers places conversations would go.

Cue, 'Friends', an homage to all the weird and wonderful ones that we've all not spent enough time with of late. 

The 'Friends' in particular, which were brought to Sigmar to put a smile on the faces of those passing by 263 kings Rd & are the work of Studiomama.

Spotting eyes, ears and tails bundled together amongst the left-over scraps of wood from their Pallet Project in 2010, Studiomama began making 'Friends' "just for fun", recounts Nina Tolstrup & Jack Mama.

However, their numbers have now grown and the small safari of 17 animal 'Friends' visiting Sigmar are a series all of their own, affectionately titled ‘Offcuts’.

Each creature is crafted purely (and proudly) of left-over materials from other projects, which are often created from repurposed materials themselves. Indeed, it is this repeated reuse of waste material that best encapsulates the ingenuity and sustainable ethos of Studiomama.

Although their materials may be modest, the amount of character and personality each unique creature has is delightful. For this reason, above all others, the ‘Offcuts’ have developed their own impassioned following of artists, designers & collectors alike.

Go see all the wonky wakos now!

February 2021

'Forgotten Women' Exhibition

Concentrating on the opportunities that the 2nd lockdown presented, rather than the things it prevented, Sigmar decided to hit the books, get creative and produce an exhibition!

Titled ‘Forgotten Women’, their show which is available to explore in Virtual Reality is a celebration of 3 women whose designs made significant contributions to the global success & enduring influence of post-war Scandinavian glass.

Nanny Still, Helena Tynell & Tamara Aladin were the star designers of Riihimäen Lasi Oy* -Finland’s largest glassworks. Collectively, they worked for *Riihimäki (the manufacturer of all the glass in the show) for 74 years & in that time produced some 1000 designs. The 3 female designers were not only committed & driven but fiercely competitive & commercially successful. Each were internationally celebrated & their design output formed a substantive part of the domestic aesthetic of postwar Finland. Yet their names, work & accomplishments are scarcely mentioned in design histories which instead focus on the work of their male contemporaries…

Want to know more? 

Head to the ‘Forgotten Women’ tab to read about the lives & see some of the work of the designers the exhibition covers.

November 2020

April 2021 Re-Opening

In line with UK govt. guidelines Sigmar are still temporarily closed to customer drop-ins. However, the end is in sight. From April 12th 2021, the shop will once again be open to the public.

Until then:

+You can safely visit us via a booked appointment, Mon-Sat

+We are at the end of the phone, +442077515801

+And, here on email,

      Your orders:

      +Our webshop, like us, will also continue to work full time

      +We will aim to dispatch all orders within 2-3 working days

      +You are welcome to 'click & collect'

      +Or, we can deliver to you.

        See you soon!

        Ebba, Nina, Ida, Luke, Kurt, Réa & Anaïs x

        September 2020

        Sigmar Moves In

        For the month of September Sigmar were happy to have Oyuna 'Move In'. And Sigmar in turn 'Moved In' to Oyuna.

        Sigmar and Oyuna have been friends and worked with each-other for many years. However, Oyuna has just opened a new premises at 89 Golborne Rd, London W10 5NL and so the two companies felt it was a great opportunity to celebrate and collaborate for all to see.

        The image, left, shows Sigmar's installation at Oyuna which aims to give a taste of the gallery and overall ethos of the company which is rooted in a love for quality and honesty in design. Like Oyuna, Sigmar believe in materials and the people who work them.

        September 2020

        Oyuna Moves In

        Sigmar were excited to open their door & welcome Oyuna as she 'Moves In' for the month of September.

        Sigmar and Oyuna have been friends & worked with each-other for many years. However, Oyuna has just opened a new premises at 89 Golborne Rd, London W10 5NL and so the two companies felt it was a great opportunity to celebrate and collaborate for all to see.

        At Oyuna they believe in a home that has few but precious objects, true to the nomadic values of Mongolia. These special items can come with us, bringing a touch of home to wherever we are.

        A modern aesthetic fuelled by designer Oyuna Tserendorj's love of contemporary art is pure construction, elevating the intrinsic beauty of cashmere.



        June 2020

        An Exhibition of KH Würtz Ceramics

        Created by Sigmar & Supported by Classic Cornice Co.

        When some doors close others open... As London went into lockdown and forced us to close the shop, we found an unexpected opening of time and space and so decided to use the shop as a venue for an installation of 164 one-off pieces of ceramics by KH Würtz.

        Inspired by the staircase in Sir John Soane's Museum, and the very first ways of displaying glass and ceramics in dedicated rooms with wall-mounted plinths, pots is a fantasy space. The 164 pieces are in a wide variety of sizes and expressions all born from the constant experimentation within the KH Würtz workshop, where father and sone - Kasper and Aage - make exceptional handmade ceramics. Based in hatting, Denmark they have grown a workshop with one kiln to one with three kilns by attracting talent from around the world to come and work with them at the remote setting. Their work demonstrates the influences of Japan, Switzerland as well as the Nordic tradition.

        In order to make it possible to share this exhibition within the constraints of a lockdown, it has been captured in virtual reality and is available to experience at

        For any enquiries please contact;
        November 2019

        Sigmar @ Dubai Design Week

        Ebba Thott, creative director & co-founder of Sigmar, is this year leading a workshop & participating in a talk at Downtown Design 2019 in Dubai.

        Ebba's workshop on 'The Empowered Design Client' is in The Buyers Lounge on 13th November / 1:00 - 2:00

        Her talk 'Beyond Tangible: The Values of Residential Design' will be in The Forum on 14th November / 4:00 - 5:00

        For more information explore this link:

        February 2019

        Ebba Thott's Modern House

        The Modern House have interviewed Ebba Thott, the creative director & co-founder of Sigmar, about the role of an interior designer, how to observe clients' needs and wants and the importance of having somewhere to put your keys!

        The full article available click here.

        September 2018

        Visit Us @ London Design Festival

        Sigmar & Czech creative collective OKOLO will exhibit original pieces from the now demolished Hotel Praha, Prague, a unique architectural project that was emblematic of late communist rule. The furniture selected for the show and the exhibition as a totality aims to present the history and cultural significance of what was an astonishing Gesamtkunstwerk that displayed an impressive and clear expression of the idealism of the communist regime. Hotel Praha 1981-2014.

        1st Floor,
        3 Yeoman’s Row,
        SW3 2AL

        Dates: Sat 15th – Sun 23rd Sept

        Times: Sat – Tues 10-6, Weds & Fri 10-8, Thurs 10–9

        Cost: Free

        May 2018

        5th Ave Project - Architectural Digest

        Sigmar's recent project for a young family in New York City has been covered by Architectural Digest.

        After having their second child, Sigmar's clients decided to combine their apartment with two other units inside a historic Art Deco building on downtown Fifth Avenue. Sigmar were brought in to “[...] marry the contemporary new curves of the conversion [and] the history of the building with an interesting and soulful interior”

        Read more about the six-month-long transatlantic “collaboration” at the link bellow.

        May 2018

        Sigmar in Little Big Rooms by Gestalten

        Sigmar has been included in 'Little Big Rooms', a volume by Gestalten featuring 'nurseries and rooms to play in' created by internationally known interior designers.

        'Axel's bedroom tucked into a eighteenth-century lakeside Swedish farmhouse, [...] is equipped with underbed storage, a circus tent, and a mountaineering monkey hanging from the wall, while angled wall sections provide a cozy sense of shelter.'

        Our project is at page 23 of the book, published by Gestalten, Berlin 2018 ISBN 978-3-89955-942-2

        May 2018

        Ebba Thott Among 'The Finest 50 [...]'

        Ebba Thott is included in 'The finest 50 Interior Designers' list by Country & Town Interiors 2018, the Interiors Guide by Country and Town House Magazine.

        'Modern 20th-century design is a staple throughout her interiors, but the real objective for Ebba is to achieve cohesion, [...] making a home feel tied together, often by subtly weaving in echoing patterns in certain places for that hard-to-achieve lived-in feel.'
        January 2018

        Best Domestic Design -Wallpaper*

        Anastassiades, Auböck and Sigmar's Coffee Grinder wins 'Best Domestic Design, 2018' in Wallpaper* Design Awards.

        This is the second collaboration between Michael Anastassiades and Carl Auböck put together by Sigmar, the result of the first was the Italic pepper mill.

        To find out more about the grinders, milled from solid cylinders of brass or copper, visit Sigmar's shop or the link below.

        September 2017

        Sigmar at London Design Festival

        Sigmar will take part to London Design Festival 2017 with an exhibition at Brompton Design District. We will present a coffee grinder and a series of eggs which open into bowls, respectively designed by Michael Anastassiades and Jacqueline Rabun and both made in the Auböck Werkstätte in Vienna. The exhibition will take place at 4 Cromwell Place from the 16th to the 24th of September with opening times 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day including Sunday. Come and visit us!
        July 2017

        Financial Times - How To Spend It

        Fashion Designer Erdem Moralioglu has named the 1950s wicker Nanna Ditzel chair from Sigmar as 'The best gift he has [I've] given recently' in his interview by The Financial Times for How To Spend It.
        May 2017

        Homes & Gardens Designer Insight 2017

        Sigmar's co-founders and directors Nina Hertig and Ebba Thott took part in the Panel organized by Homes and Gardens at the Soho Hotel, on occasion of the Annual Prizes annually awarded by the magazine. "Quality becomes also a bigger issue; especially in smaller spaces, you are physically in contact with materials all the time, and you have really to understand how you live and how you will utilize your space best" (Nina Hertig on a topic of the panel "How the way we live is influencing the design of living spaces and bedrooms").
        May 2017

        Carl Auböck in Pleasure Garden

        Carl Auböck has been featured in the first volume of Pleasure Garden with 'Brass spring', a photoshoot by Jack Davison, styled by Ali + Aniko and with an interview by Josh Fehnert entitled 'Meeting the Auböcks'. The latter is illustrated with photographs by Ben Stockley portraying Carl Auböck IV in his workshop with some of his creations.
        April 2017

        1stdibs [feauture] - Stylish Shelving

        “We always like to include storage in our projects as it helps to keep spaces uncluttered” says Barbara Braeunlich, Senior Designer at Sigmar. 1stdibs thinks the storage solutions devised by Sigmar at the Notting Hill Mansion Flat 'very smart and attractive' and have featured the project in an article on Spaces with Stylish Shelving.

        February 2017

        Sigmar Awarded Best of houzz 2017

        Sigmar have been awarded a Best of houzz 2017 certificate! -Thank you houzz. This is our fourth consecutive win which makes us very happy.
        December 2016

        AD Germany - The Feast

        Sigmar was asked to decorate a festive christmas dinner table for AD Magazin Germany together with 6 other designers based in Berlin, London and Paris for a special seasonal feature. Sigmar’s interpretation in warm colours, modernist furniture and signature Scandinavian style speaks for itself and reflects the style of the studio as tasteful and sensitive with a touch of austerity.


        October 2016

        Living etc - A Life in Design

        Fiona McCarthy’s interview with Sigmar’s creative director Ebba Thott on her love of vintage pieces, the joy of layering pattern, and how modern tiles now resemble artwork.

        A 3-page spread on all things design from the importance of built-in storage, investment pieces, texture and Sigmar’s paint collection Damo.

        August 2016

        Sigmar in AD Germany

        Sigmar is featured in ‘Stil/Fokus’ section of prestigious AD Magazine Germany with a three page feature.

        The interview with Sigmar founders Ebba Thott and Nina Hertig highlights the versatility of the creative team as well as their love for all things vintage, and customising vintage pieces.

        Also the need to combine old with new to avoid looking retro, which Sigmar seems to master perfectly and which seems to be a unique look which sets this studio apart from others.

        May 2016

        A 'Gentle Homorous Aesthetic'

        and style) we think Gregson’s images are as elegant as the Auböck objects themselves. Cereal’s article on the Fourth Generation Craftsman Carl Auböck traces the design history of the esteemed Viennese metal workshop, its affiliations with the likes of Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus and Charles Eames, and the ethos of Werkstätte Carl Auböck still going strong today. We liked and agree with the author’s observation that one of the qualities of Auböck design is the ‘gently humorous aesthetic’!
        April 2016

        House & Garden - Concealed TVs

        Sigmar's concealed TV cabinet was featured in House & Garden's special about concealed TVs. Being a unavoidable feature in every living room, concealing the TV makes your walls look so much better. There are many ways to keep it hidden - see what Sigmar has done to hide it.

        February 2016

        Sigmar featured on

        Sigmar has been featured on The popular Italian newspaper 'Corriere della Sera's' website has highlighted the great collaboration between Sigmar's interior design studio and the specialized gallery. Sigmar's interior project of the former Court Room in the West Kensington 'The Old Courthouse,' now a stunning flat with vintage pieces selected by Nina Hertig populate the timeless interiors designed by Ebba Thott, is the article main focus.

        Scandinavian classics such as two great sofas designed by Kaare Klint alternate with custom made pieces to create eclectic but sober and functional spaces in which a great selection of accessories and artworks are displayed. Among these, a photography collection is exhibited in a purpose-designed cabinet.

        February 2016


        Sigmar has been featured on for its quality of products and its longevity of design, praising its dealership and interior design studio both equally.

        SEEN has a reputation on finding new and exciting things to do, see, buy, taste and experience in London. This includes quirky and independent; up-and-coming boutiques, eateries and brands which typify London’s quintessential style.

        January 2016

        Holding Court - Domus Nova

        Sigmar's interior project 'The Old Court House' has been featured on Domus Nova website and print magazine with an exclusive interview with Ebba Thott, Sigmar's creative designer and director.

        You can find the project featured on the 'Interior Design' section of our own website and you can read the whole article using the link below.

        January 2016

        'Best of Houzz' - Design Award Winner

        Sigmar has been voted by the Houzz community as a winner of the Best of Houzz 2016 Design award for the third year in a row.

        Sigmar's interior design work has won in the Design category. Our Houzz portfolio includes some of the most popular images in the Houzz Community in 2015.

        January 2016

        Daily Mail - Britain's most coveted inte...

        The Dailymail website has published an article about the most-favoured images voted on the home renovation and design platform

        Amongst them, one portrays a small and functional kitchen in Clarendon Road, London, designed by Sigmar. With its black brick wall against the glass doors and roof, it is been defined a modest space having 'a stylish yet achievable look'.