• Blue and White Platter
  • Blue and White Platter

Blue and White Platter



A blue and white stoneware platter made and designed in Denmark by K H Würtz. 

The interaction between the matte and shiny areas of this lightly concave platter give the surface pattern incredible depth. The shiner, white areas are surrounded by an almost black, navy blue which creates a most dramatic contrast evocative of crashing waves. 

Kasper Würtz runs a ceramicists studio based near Horsens in eastern Jutland, Denmark. Known internationally for their hand-thrown and hand-glazed ceramics they have produced bespoke collections for distinguished fine dining restaurants around the world. Würtz crockery can be found at Geranium and Noma in Denmark, Törst, and Luksus in the US and L’Enclume and The Ledbury in the UK.

Ceramics by Würtz are usually made of stoneware, occasionally of porcelain. Their aesthetics are inspired by both Nordic utilitarian crafts and 20th century British studio pottery; their practice involves traditional wheel-turning and glazing methods.

The visual language developed by Wurtz is recognisable in a number of features such as the assured inner-outer ratio of every piece, the subtle concavity even in the flattest plates and the glazed surface in which matt and shine areas alternate harmoniously.


Platter #7

Diameter: 45.5cm