Nesting Eggs
Jacqueline Rabun
Carl Auböck


Available in Large, Medium, and Small

Nesting Egg 1

The Three Nesting Eggs by the acclaimed jewellery designer Jacqueline Rabun are an “introverted response” to the current world affairs (2017). The idea was based around the shift in society and something still very much relevant in today’s sphere.

Jacqueline Rabun x Carl Auböck 2

The sand-cast solid brass Eggs also double as sinuously rimmed boxes. Lifting the top shell away reveals the dark contrasting patinated interior. The curvature is as strongly defined through the interior as the external egg-shape.

Jacqueline Rabun x Carl Auböck 3

The Trilogy was born from a collaboration between Jacqueline Rabun and Carl Auböck for the Wallpaper* Handmade Exhibition, Milan 2017. Both Rabun and the Auböck Werkstätte share common appreciation for the humble ‘Egg’, The Brass Egg Paperweight by Auböck II graced the desk of the German architect Walter Gropius who founded the Bauhaus School and remains a shining example of the Werkstätte’s craft. Jacqueline has used the symbolism in her jewellery design, conveying birth, life and the relationship between mother and child.

Jacqueline Rabun x Carl Auböck 4Jacqueline Rabun x Carl Auböck 5Jacqueline Rabun x Carl Auböck 7Jacqueline Rabun x Carl Auböck 8Jacqueline Rabun x Carl Auböck 6