'Forgotten Women' Exhibition

February 2021

Concentrating on the opportunities that the 2nd lockdown presented, rather than the things it prevented, Sigmar decided to hit the books, get creative and produce an exhibition!

Titled ‘Forgotten Women’, their show which is available to explore in Virtual Reality is a celebration of 3 women whose designs made significant contributions to the global success & enduring influence of post-war Scandinavian glass.

Nanny Still, Helena Tynell & Tamara Aladin were the star designers of Riihimäen Lasi Oy* -Finland’s largest glassworks. Collectively, they worked for *Riihimäki (the manufacturer of all the glass in the show) for 74 years & in that time produced some 1000 designs. The 3 female designers were not only committed & driven but fiercely competitive & commercially successful. Each were internationally celebrated & their design output formed a substantive part of the domestic aesthetic of postwar Finland. Yet their names, work & accomplishments are scarcely mentioned in design histories which instead focus on the work of their male contemporaries…

Want to know more? 

Head to the ‘Forgotten Women’ tab to read about the lives & see some of the work of the designers the exhibition covers.