February 2021

February 2021, with the shop still not allowed to welcome customers, the Sigmar team were really starting to miss the impromptu drop-ins of clients and the often bonkers places conversations would go.

Cue, 'Friends', an homage to all the weird and wonderful ones that we've all not spent enough time with of late. 

The 'Friends' in particular, which were brought to Sigmar to put a smile on the faces of those passing by 263 kings Rd & sigmarlondon.com are the work of Studiomama.

Spotting eyes, ears and tails bundled together amongst the left-over scraps of wood from their Pallet Project in 2010, Studiomama began making 'Friends' "just for fun", recounts Nina Tolstrup & Jack Mama.

However, their numbers have now grown and the small safari of 17 animal 'Friends' visiting Sigmar are a series all of their own, affectionately titled ‘Offcuts’.

Each creature is crafted purely (and proudly) of left-over materials from other projects, which are often created from repurposed materials themselves. Indeed, it is this repeated reuse of waste material that best encapsulates the ingenuity and sustainable ethos of Studiomama.

Although their materials may be modest, the amount of character and personality each unique creature has is delightful. For this reason, above all others, the ‘Offcuts’ have developed their own impassioned following of artists, designers & collectors alike.

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