• Egg Paperweight  Carl Auböck - Image 1
  • Heavy Egg Paperweight  Carl Auböck - Image 2
  • Small Cast Egg Paperweight by Austrian Designer Carl Auböck - Image 3
  • Side View of Egg Paperweight  Carl Auböck - Image 4

Egg Paperweight
by Carl Auböck



A solid sand cast brass egg paperweight originally designed by Carl Auböck II in 1952. The egg is now being cast, using the same sculptured wooden positive mould, in the same workshop by Carl Auböck IV. This piece was famously one of a number of designs by Auböck II that graced the desk of the German architect Walter Gropius who founded the Bauhaus School.


Height: 3.5 cm
Width: 3.5 cm
Depth: 6 cm
Material: Brass
Design Period: 1952
Date Of Manufacture: Made today
Place of Origin: Austria
Workshop: Werkstätte Carl Auböck