• Mid-Century Alloy Ashtray, Carl Auböck
  • Original Cast Metal Ashtray, Carl Auböck
  • Metal Alloy Original Ashtray with Leather covered Tamper, Carl Auböck
  • Mid-century Solid Metal Ashtray, Carl Auböck
  • Modern Industrial Alloy Ashtray, Carl Auböck
  • Industrial Alloy Ashtray, 1950's, Carl Auböck
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Early Post-WWII Alloy Ashtray
Carl Auböck


A vintage cast metal alloy ashtray with a very tactile and visually satisfying biomorphic shape made by the Werkstatte Carl Auböck, Vienna, soon after World War Two.The ashtray is complete with its original tamper, which is also cast in the same unknown alloy and fitted with a tan leather loop handle. The reason the make-up of the alloy is not known is related to the material shortages experienced in Vienna following the Second World War. The slender and very delicate shape of both pieces makes the item not only practical but pleasurable to hold and use -the form is very tactile. Both leather and metal are covered by a uniform patina naturally built over time, neither part is marked.


Height (Bowl): 4 cm
Width (Bowl): 9.4 cm
Depth (Bowl): 6 cm
Height (Tamper): 5.6
Width (Tamper): 3 cm
Depth (Tamper): 1.6
Materials: Unknown alloy, leather
Date of Design: Circa 1945
Date of Manufacture: Circa 1945
Place of Origin: Austria
Designer: Carl Auböck
Maker: Werkstätte Carl Auböck