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'Gulrundeln' Rya Rug
Yellow & Grey
Märta Måås-Fjetterström



A vintage example of Marta Måås-Fjetterström's Gulrundeln design. The textile is a knotted rya rug (long pile) designed by MMF in 1937, and made by her workshop in Båstad, Sweden, around 1950.
The pattern consists of repeating grey circular shapes with an off white border, on a yellow background. Red and blue dots with the same white border dance amongst the circles. Completing the design is a frame in white, red & blue which runs around the rug, 12 cm in from the edge. Signed AB MMF denoting the piece was woven after Måås Fjetterström passed in 1941. In overall very good condition. 


Width: 82 cm
Length: 189 cm
Materials: Wool, linen
Date of Design: 1937
Date of Manufacture: Circa 1950
Country of Origin: Sweden
Designer: Marta Måås Fjetterström
Maker: Marta Måås Fjetterström