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Daffodil Tapestry
Sand & Blue
Marta Måås Fjetterström


A vintage handwoven textile designed  by Marta Måås Fjetterström and made by her workshop in Båstad, Sweden, around 1950.
Three stylized daffodil flowers - or female figures - occupy the center of the composition; their geometrical gentle dark brown outlines are infilled with green, turquoise, white and yellow; the off white natural linen background is decorated by a blue edge, two sides of which in turn boast simple geometrical decorative motives.
Four diamonds are positioned in the corners. Signed AB MMF denoting the piece was woven after Måås Fjetterström passed in 1941. In excellent condition.


Measurements refer to the framed piece.

Height: 42.8 cm
Width: 42.8 cm
Depth: 3 cm
Materials: Wool
Date of Design: Circa 1935
Date of Manufacture: Circa 1950
Country of Origin: Sweden
Designer: Marta Måås Fjetterström
Maker: Marta Måås Fjetterström