'pots' An Exhibition of KH Würtz Ceramics

June 2020

Created by Sigmar & Supported by Classic Cornice Co.

When some doors close others open... As London went into lockdown and forced us to close the shop, we found an unexpected opening of time and space and so decided to use the shop as a venue for an installation of 164 one-off pieces of ceramics by KH Würtz.

Inspired by the staircase in Sir John Soane's Museum, and the very first ways of displaying glass and ceramics in dedicated rooms with wall-mounted plinths, pots is a fantasy space. The 164 pieces are in a wide variety of sizes and expressions all born from the constant experimentation within the KH Würtz workshop, where father and sone - Kasper and Aage - make exceptional handmade ceramics. Based in hatting, Denmark they have grown a workshop with one kiln to one with three kilns by attracting talent from around the world to come and work with them at the remote setting. Their work demonstrates the influences of Japan, Switzerland as well as the Nordic tradition.

In order to make it possible to share this exhibition within the constraints of a lockdown, it has been captured in virtual reality and is available to experience at www.sigmarlondon.com

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