For more than 100 years, the Auböck family has contributed to Vienna’s proud Wiener Werkstätte tradition, passing on skills and concepts from one generation to another. As one of the first students to attend the Bauhaus in the 1919, Carl Auböck II introduced modern ideas to his father’s traditional brass workshop, where he designed many of the pieces known today for their characteristically Auböck feel and expression. While his son, Carl Auböck III, focused most of his energy on his academic career as a professor of architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Carl Auböck IV has strived to keep the family’s brass-working skills alive and to continue the workshop’s proud tradition.

All Auböck pieces are still handmade in the same workshop in Vienna’s Bernardgasse, where  Carl Auböck I started production in 1906 Under Carl Auböck IV, these metal-working skills not only bring new life to pieces from the great Auböck catalogue, but also enable the production of exceptional innovative works in collaboration with contemporary designers

With its playful designs and outstanding quality, Auböck Werkstätte continues to produce signature works for international collectors. Each Auböck piece tells the story of the workshop’s love of materials and rare skilled craftmanship, which continues to win the Auböck family new devotees around the world.

Carl Auböck