Produced under the KH Würtz trademark, Würtz ceramics typically made of stoneware, occasionally of porcelain possess a leading-edge 21st century aesthetic, yet each piece is created completely by hand, using mostly ancient wheel-turning and glazing methods. Würtz tableware, in particular, exhibits certain signature characteristics, such as an assured inner-outer ratio, a subtle concavity even in the flattest dinner plates, unexpected rims, moody colorations, random flecked and mottled surface effects, and a robust heft that makes each piece a delight to hold in the hand.

All in all, the Würtz style is simultaneously contemporary in design and archaic in the crafting. It’s been described as timeless but is also future-oriented in the way it supersedes both heavily floral traditional fine china dinner sets and early 21st century minimalist white faience.

Carl Auböck