Èva Németh,
Wall Tapestry #10 Sweden, C.1950



A vintage mid-20th century Swedish handwoven textile.
The tapestry's lively scene depicts Swedish birds amongst stylised leaves, tress and plants. The natural but punchy colors further add to the rhythm in the textile.
The ground of the piece is in a natural wool colour, woven into this are hues of blue, red, yellow, green, white, grey and black. Long cotton tassels hang along the bottom edge.
The wool is in excellent original condition. The naturally dyed fibers are still vibrant in color and retain a sheen from the organic oily fats in the wool.
The birds depicted are probably roosters which have featured in the decorative arts in Sweden since circa 1760 -similar to, the older, Dala horses. However, the rooster is a Christian symbol unlike the pagan horse.

According to the Wooden Horse Museum, Stockholm, 'The rooster is a guardian against evil in the night, protector of virtues and purity and herald to the rising sun.'


Length (Including Fringe): 89 cm
Width: 185.5 cm
Depth: 3.5 cm

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